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Our partnership begins before you sign the contract.

Only after we are sure that you have been heard will we then provide you with a tailored cleaning program that meet your criteria and budget. Each facility and workplace commands a customized solution that is tailored to the specific nuances of the hours worked, specific layouts, and flexible cleaning programs that seamlessly support the customer's business model.

Our supervisory staff train and manage the field janitorial work force to adopt best practices and sustainable quality control standards at the customer sites where they are stationed. PBC is a trusted partner staffed with bonded and trained work crews who take pride in meeting and exceeding the customers expectations.

The rest is up to us - our consistent full service performance and your continued satisfaction.

businesses we serve

> Offices/Office Buildings
>  Theaters
>  Schools
>  Medical Groups
>  Banks
>  Financial Institutions
>  Retail Stores
>  Religious Institutions
>  Restaurants
>  Factories/Industrial Bldgs
>  Sports Facilities
>  Institutional Facilities
>  Government Facilities
>  Hotels
>  Transportation Co.
>  Airports